Innoseis performs active survey trial of the Industry’s smallest nodes

Innoseis has conducted a successful field trial of its revolutionary Tremornet seismic recoding system. The trial, completed during an active seismic survey, built on the previously performed passive tests and demonstrated the systems compatibility with active surveys. Being deployed side-by-side to a conventional cabled system allowed for an excellent comparison of results. Despite the cabled system being equipped with a string of 12 clustered geophones, the sensing performance was easily matched by the single high-sensitivity geophone of the Tremornet units. The ease of use and speed of deployment in the varying terrains of the trial also demonstrated Tremornet’s small foot print and operational excellence.


Innoseis, a spin-off company from the Dutch Institute for Subatomic Physics Nikhef, brings cutting edge knowledge from fundamental physics into the hands of seismic contractors. It has developed ultra-low power, high fidelity electronics and worked with industry leaders to tailor products to seismic acquisition requirements. This led to the commercial launch of the Tremornet system in 2016. Tremornet distinguishes itself as being the industry’s lightest nodal system while still achieving exceptional battery life – lasting 40 days with continuous recording.

Additional trials have been scheduled in the first half of 2017 as Innoseis looks to gain further feedback from the industry’s major players.


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