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Launch of Innoseis Sensor Technologies

Innoseis Sensor Technologies was formally launched on 1 October 2020. The Innoseis spin off will focus on the development and commercialization of the next generations of novel sensing products. It will leverage in-house expertise in high precision, low power wireless … Read More

Geofizyka Toruń signed another contract with INA Industrija Nafte, d.d. for 3D seismic data acquisition services.

Geofizyka Toruń signed another contract with INA Industrija Nafte, d.d. for 3D seismic data acquisition services to explore “Crnac West” and “Virovitica South” potential in Croatia. The total scope of the work hovers around 600 km2, to be acquired with … Read More

BGP Leverages Quantum Nodal System to Maximize Project Efficiency

BGP recently completed a large scale challenging project using the Quantum nodal system, maximising project efficiency. The project in China’s Sichuan Province was completed utilizing over 29,000 nodes and INOVA’s iX1 acquisition system. More information

Innoseis stands together with the rest of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on all of us. To reduce the spread of the virus it is best to stay home as much as possible. The Innoseis employees have worked hard on setting up their work spaces at … Read More

Largest active nodal survey conducted

Congratulations to GT for successfully completing acquisition of 3D seismic data in Lower Saxony, Germany for BGE, the federal operator of the Asse II mine. The survey employed 40 000 active units of nodal ultra-light seismic sensor Tremornet/Quantum, which makes … Read More

Geofizyka Torun explains operational excellence in new video

Geofizyka Torun has released a new video outlining the advantages of using our nodal seismic acquisition system, and how they have helped in developing it into the world class product it is today. Due to the reduced footprint and environmental … Read More

Another project successfully completed

Geofizyka Toruń successfully completed another seismic data acquisition project in Hungary for MOL. The “Vesces 3D” project was completed using a wireless Nodal Tremornet system. The acquisition of seismic data itself began in the first half of September and was … Read More

Innoseis project selected for prestigious Attract grant

Innoseis, in collaboration with Nikhef, has been selected as one of 170 European wide consortia to receive a grant from the Attract Horizon 2020 program. They were selected out of a total of 1200 proposals. Attract’s mission is to create … Read More

Innoseis transfers Nodal Technology to INOVA

INOVA and Innoseis BV had previously signed a collaboration agreement whereby Innoseis provided its technology and manufacturing capabilities of their autonomous seismic data acquisition nodal system, and INOVA provided commercialization capabilities. This agreement takes the next step in that relationship … Read More

2019 Innoseis EAGE attendance conference

Visit us at the EAGE 2019 in London

Innoseis will be showcasing its latest Quantum seismic recording equipment at the EAGE conference and exhibition in London at ExCel this June 3 – 6. Visit Booth 1330 for a detailed discussion on the latest in seismic recording technology.