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Nodes_Vertical_HorizontalTremornet pushes the boundaries in wireless seismic sensor networks for on-shore oil & gas exploration and monitoring. Its ultra-low power technology means that each sensor node is significantly smaller and easier to handle, without compromising on sensing performance. This makes deployment and maintenance of large sensor networks simpler, faster and more cost efficient than cabled or other wireless systems.

Designed to scale up to million node networks, Tremornet allows for higher resolution imaging and wide azimuth geometries. It also provides increased topology freedom for various terrains across large survey areas.


Tremornet is available with Bluetooth quality control functions for in-field QC and configuration when required. This ensures consistent data quality and eliminates rework.

Our systems offer high signal fidelity, autonomous data recording with position and time stamping through GPS functionality, to enable accurate off-line data collection.

Features and Benefits

Light weight, less cost
Each sensor weighs less than 1 kg, including battery and weather-proof housing. As a result transportation and deployment costs can be significantly reduced.

High signal fidelity
In high resolution mode Tremornet has the industry’s largest dynamic range. This means improved signal-to-noise ratios, even for passive seismic surveys.

Quality Control
Our nodes are highly reliable and function entirely autonomously. However, if infield quality control is required this can be done using a low-power Bluetooth connection. Full traces can also be retrieved in order to further validate the data.

Safe for crew and environment
Smaller crews with less weight to transport and with less heavy equipment on-site result in lower HSE exposure. Fewer batteries mean less impact on the environment.

Topology Freedom
Easily deployable nodes without the hassle of cables or external batteries allows for operational efficiencies in all terrains and varying topologies.

For more detailed product specifications for both our smart and blind sensor nodes, download our brochure.

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