TremorNet at EAGE: smaller and even more power efficient

TremorNet Node

TremorNet, the latest in cable-less seismic sensing from Innoseis, will be on public display for the first time at the 76th EAGE conference and exhibition in Amsterdam next week, June 16-19.

Recent product development has allowed the team to improve on initial expectations of performance. The weight of each seismic sensing node has been reduced to below 800 grams. At the same power consumption has been reduced, resulting in an increased continuous recording time of 40 days which allows for even longer deployments.

Innoseis will continue to develop TremorNet through 2014, and is now looking for partners to work with to continue field-testing. The team aims to be ready for commercial launch during 2015.
Visit us at booth 3042 during EAGE to see working units demonstrated live throughout the week.

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