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Innoseis has conducted a successful field trial of its revolutionary Tremornet seismic recoding system. The trial, completed during an active seismic survey, built on the previously performed passive tests and demonstrated the systems compatibility with active surveys. Being deployed side-by-side to a conventional cabled system allowed for an excellent comparison […]

Innoseis performs active survey trial of the Industry’s smallest nodes

Innoseis and its game changing technology originate from gravitational waves research conducted at the National Institute of Subatomic Physics (Nikhef) in the Netherlands. The scientists involved, and their global collaborative community, are reveling in the limelight in the wake of last weeks’ monumental discovery: The first direct detection of a […]

Innoseis in media as its scientific roots bask in limelight of new discovery

Innoseis was selected as one of five Dutch technology startups to present their story at the Hannover Messe this year. Each company showcased their technology to a large audience at the Messe which included a panel of specially selected “Lions”- representatives from Dutch Science, Industry and Government. These Included Guido Landheer (director at […]

Innoseis showcased at Hannover Messe

TremorNet Family
Innoseis is continuing development of TremorNet. The original fully integrated smart node is now joined by a network node and a blind node developed to better cater to specific conditions and customer requirements. The blind node is even smaller than previous nodes, weighing less than 400 grams. For customers who […]

Blind Nodes and Network Nodes

InnoSeis will be showcasing the latest in ultra-low power wireless seismic sensing at the EAGE conference in Amsterdam this year. Taking place from June 16th-19th, this will be the largest multi-disciplinary geoscience and engineering oriented event of its kind in the world. The main business of the meeting will be how the […]

Innoseis at EAGE Amsterdam, June 16-19

In the light of ever increasing demand for natural resources companies are looking to tackle more and more challenging environments. Seismic data surveying is a widely used technique for the exploration and study of geological resources. It utilizes networks with many seismic sensors in order to non-invasively image underground structures. […]

Wireless Seismic Sensing