Blind Nodes and Network Nodes

TremorNet Family

Innoseis is continuing development of TremorNet. The original fully integrated smart node is now joined by a network node and a blind node developed to better cater to specific conditions and customer requirements.
The blind node is even smaller than previous nodes, weighing less than 400 grams. For customers who are comfortable to conduct seismic surveys without ongoing feedback from the network, this option provides an extremely manageable and light weight sensor system that can be deployed quickly and easily.
The network node with its external antenna has been developed to transmit data over longer distances. Separating the electronic and communication components from the geophone minimises the danger of wind interfering with the signal. As with the our original smart node, the system performs quality control tasks at each node and propagates selected trace data and status reports through the mesh network – confirming that each node is operating correctly during operations, and allowing crews to take corrective action if necessary.


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