• Quantum

    Dramatically reduce land seismic acquisition costs
    with the industry's best nodal system

Innoseis develops revolutionary sensor technology that makes the search and use of energy resources 

more responsible and efficient.




Quantum is an ultra-light weight wireless seismic sensor network that dramatically reduces deployment costs, while scaling up to 1 million nodes for onshore exploration. 

Seismic Surveying

Seismic Surveying

Seismic surveying is the crucial tool in discovering new sources of oil and gas. It allows exploration companies to accurately and cost-effectively evaluate an area for its oil and gas yielding potential.

Our Latest News

Largest active nodal survey conducted

Congratulations to GT for successfully completing acquisition of 3D seismic data in Lower Saxony, Germany for BGE, the federal operator of the Asse II mine. The survey employed 40 000 active units of nodal ultra-light seismic sensor Tremornet/Quantum, which makes …

Geofizyka Torun explains operational excellence in new video

Geofizyka Torun has released a new video outlining the advantages of using our nodal seismic acquisition system, and how they have helped in developing it into the world class product it is today. Due to the reduced footprint and environmental …

Innoseis project selected for prestigious Attract grant

Innoseis, in collaboration with Nikhef, has been selected as one of 170 European wide consortia to receive a grant from the Attract Horizon 2020 program. They were selected out of a total of 1200 proposals. Attract’s mission is to create …